With 'The Avengers' and 'Iron Man 3,' Marvel now owns the records for the two biggest opening weekends of all-time. They've had an embarrassment of riches with their films and it all started with a plan to lead their superhero properties into one epic franchise. While Warner Bros. has found success with the 'Dark Knight' trilogy, they've had difficulty launching their own epic franchise, 'Justice League.' So what words of advice did Marvel head Kevin Feige have for team Warner Bros.? Time for some unsolicited advice!

While doing press for 'Iron Man 3,' Feige was asked by Collider what advice he had for Warner Bros. as they prepared to launch 'Justice League' and he had this to say:

Have confidence in the characters, believe in the source material, don’t be afraid to stay true to all of the elements of the characters no matter how seemingly silly or crazy they are.

He probably could've stopped there but Feige elaborated with some comments that might be construed as hitting back against 'Man of Steel' director Zack Snyder's recent comments that Superman and Batman were more iconic than the Marvel characters:

I think the Marvel characters have a bit of a leg up for all the reasons that Marvel fans are aware of in terms of the emotional complexity of the characters and the flawed nature of the characters.

To be fair, Feige added, "I’m sure they have smart people over there who have a plan and know what they’re doing," but if that's true, he should've just stopped at those comments and not contributed to the Marvel vs. DC feud.

Multiple reports have said that Warner Bros. is playing the waiting game on 'Justice League' - hoping that 'Man of Steel' is a success before committing to any larger plan. But if 'Man of Steel' is successful (as many assume it will be), expect some major movement on a 'Justice League' movie from Snyder and possibly even Christopher Nolan.