When a Hollywood studio decides to make a sequel to a much-beloved classic decades after its initial release, the overwhelming response is usually skepticism. It’s a testament to the incredible cast that Disney has assembled for Mary Poppins Returns, then, that most of the buzz around the film has been overwhelming excitement. From Emily Blunt‘s Julie Andrews doppelgänger to Lin-Manuel Miranda‘s chimney sweep - pretty much the part he was born to play, right? - Mary Poppins Returns is the exception that proves the rule, an unnecessary sequel that nevertheless melts away all skepticism.

And while those lucky enough to attend Disney‘s D23 expo this weekend were treated to the first batch of footage from the film, the rest of us will have to keep calm and carry on with this Mary Poppins Returns motion poster, giving us a good look at Blunt's Mary Poppins in action.

Given the incredible responses this weekend to Mary Poppins Returns - not to mention The Lion KingAladdin, and others - it’s safe to say that Disney has earned itself a great amount of liberty with its fans to revisit some of its iconic properties. It’s a rare thing for a major studio to achieve, especially considering the number of comments sections that break themselves laughing when studios decide to remake fan favorites. As long as Disney continues to impress with its remakes like Beauty and the Beast and The Jungle Book, fans will allow them to tinker with their movies to their hearts’ content. They’ve earned the benefit of the doubt.

Mary Poppins Returns will also star Angela LansburyMeryl StreepColin FirthEmily Mortimer, and Dick Van Dyke. The film is scheduled to be released on December 25, 2018.

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