You can always count on Showtime to debut its wares ahead of schedule, and Masters of Sex gets an even bigger boon this year. Catch up with Bill, Virginia and Libby weeks ahead of Season 4's official premiere, and find out what other big names have joined the cast!

Where Masters of Sex Season 4 will continue the saga of Masters and Johnson through the next decade, Showtime offers an early look at the September 11 premiere. Not only that, but Deadline reveals that Danny Jacobs will play a publisher who becomes “patient zero” for a new case, while real-life married couple Stephen Root and Romy Rosemont will play co-owners of a sex clinic, and “the funhouse mirror image of Masters and Johnson.”

In the meantime, check out the official “Freefall” premiere synopsis:

In the wake of their fallout, Masters and Johnson search for purpose in a world without one another and look to work as their personal lives crash down around them. Libby finds herself alone for the first time since her marriage and discovers some unexpected allies.

Guest stars this season will include Niecy Nash, David Walton, The Wire vet Andre Royo, Orange Is the New Black boss Alysia Reiner, and more to returning talent like Beau Bridges and Sarah Silverman.

If not for the full premiere above, check out the latest Season 4 trailer below.

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