Mattel has always had a fairly strong variety of items from its licensing partners at San Diego Comic-Con, but this year the toy company appears to be dialing things back a bit for a more focused show. While the standard Hot Wheels and Mega Construx sets will be available for purchase, it’s the Justice League and DC Super Hero Girls items that are likely going to draw the most attention. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Those properties deserve all the attention they can get.

That’s not to say Hot Wheels isn’t still a hot ticket item, but superheroes are where the action is, and Mattel knows it. Even the die-cast cars coming this year are of a comic book bent, with Spider-Man and Deadpool driving up right alongside the Batmobile. Fortunately, no matter what you want to get, Mattel only has one line to deal with at the show. It’s all first come, first served, and allotments will be made on a daily basis, but beyond that, you can expect to get what you want without a tremendous amount of pressure like so many other booths.


Disney•Pixar Cars 3 The Making of Cars 3 Lightning McQueen Die-Cast Vehicle 3-Pack ($30)

Though this looks like a start-to-finish design version of Lightning McQueen in the films, it’s actually a process collection based on the die-cast car’s development. The box features art concepts from blue line drawings to wireframes to the final design. It’s an interesting peek into the process, but it’s truly a display piece. There isn't much appeal in just the plain grey finish of the base or the sparkling red coat. All three together though make an nice package for true believers in the magic of Cars.


Justice League Cyborg Origins Figure ($25)

Ahead of this year’s next big DC Cinematic Universe feature, Justice League, Cyborg will get the first official figure for the upcoming team-up. The box is printed and shaped to look like a Mother Box, which will likely be one of the key McGuffins in Justice League, and also happens to be the one thing keeping Cyborg alive. This deluxe box lights up in areas, and the figure itself looks okay. Mattel’s Multiverse line is very hit and miss, but if you want to get a Cyborg before anyone else on the planet can this fall, this is how you do it.


DC Super Hero Girls Wonder Woman and Cheetah Dolls ($45)

The DC Super Hero Girls line is one of the best things Mattel has done over the last two years, and this year’s exclusive is appropriately themed around Wonder Woman. This is the first time Cheetah is represented in the DC Super Hero Girls line, and her figure is pretty perfect. There’s just the right amount of high school mixed with her more traditional feline look. Wonder Woman gets a new outfit from tip to toe, and the box relates a story about the two girls tying up Giganta. Curiously, DCSHG is getting a complete line revamp heading into 2018, so this may be among the last of the first incarnation anyone can buy.


Hot Wheels 2017 Exclusive Justice League Batmobile ($25)

Nothing says justice like a massive machine gun poking out of the passenger side of a car. That's how you know it’s real. Jokes aside, this miniature Batmobile from Justice League looks good for its scale. Hot Wheels rarely disappoints when it comes to capturing the essence of vehicles as recognizable as the Batmobile. While this version of Batman’s whip may not be the most iconic, it’s certainly unmistakable, and is one of the few collectibles arriving before the film’s release.


Hot Wheels 2017 Marvel Spider-Man Spider-Mobile ($15)

The Spider-Mobile is often considered one of the strange jokes of Spider-Man's career, but fans have embraced the goofy dune buggy over the years. Hot Wheels is celebrating the webbed whip with a special release at Comic-Con this year, complete with some fancy hubs. Of course, you can’t do anything for Marvel without Deadpool finagling his way into things, and that's true here. One in every five of the blind box Spider-Mobiles will be a Dead Buggy, complete with a letter of apology from Deadpool himself.


Mega Construx Destiny SDCC 2017 Iron Song Ghost Shell ($40)

Destiny fans will be happy to finally have some love at San Diego this year, with Lord Saladin and a life-size Iron Song Ghost to build. The whole set comes in a Rise of Iron-themed box, with all the parts hidden inside a legendary engram. It’s a very clever package, but it's really the final built product that will have fans eager to snap this up. With no other life-size Ghost replicas to buy, it’s the perfect, affordable option.

San Diego Comic-Con begins July 19. Mattel's shop will be at booth #2945.