Marvel’s press conferences for their upcoming films are always very exciting and very dramatic, with video montages featuring logos and release dates for the next phase of the MCU. Those videos typically leak online for people who weren’t able to attend the fancy announcement in person, and now a clever fan has created a pretty spot-on spoof of those videos, teasing Marvel’s hilarious plans for Phase Four.

I don’t know about you guys, but I would definitely watch Stranger Danger or War Thunder: Thunder War. The video, from the YouTube page of Steven Rosenthal, features a litany of absurd movie titles that vaguely sound like comic book movies — it’s more like if Asylum made a series of Marvel rip-offs.

Rosenthal included this description for the “leaked” video:

Don’t ask how I got this,  just enjoy it. Yes, breathless Marvel fans, here it is — a stunning HD version of that blurry trailer that recently leaked detailing the studio’s plans for future films in their ever-growing cinematic universe.

He’s also fully committed to the joke, posting a full “breakdown” over at his site, ruminating on possible plots, describing characters like Red Velvet, and discussing the comic book origins of each of the films in nerdy shorthand. It’s kind of awesome.

We’re still years away from Marvel’s real Phase Four, but I’m holding out hope that Rabbi Killerman can make a cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy 5 or whatever.

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