Neal Caffrey is "in the wind" and the Bureau has just the man to bring him in: Mekhi Phifer.  The 'Lie to Me' star is set join 'White Collar' for the first two episodes when it returns this summer according to EW.

Phifer will step into the role of Kyle Collins, an international fugitive-hunting specialist with his sights set on Neal.  Also joining 'White Collar' this summer is 'Hung' star, Gregg Henry in the role of Henry Dobbs, "a wealthy local with a secret past" that according to EW's casting tip “could change Neal and Mozzie’s world forever."

Last we saw Neal and Mozzie, they were aboard a plan, presumably en route to Mozzie's secret treasure stash after Neal narrowly avoided the clutches of Agent Kramer, played by Beau Bridges.  Perhaps Mekhi Phifer will have better luck cornering the slippery Caffrey.

Phifer and Henry are signed on for the first two episodes of 'White Collar's' ten episode summer run.