The dark sequel to Metro 2033 arrives on Wednesday, and to celebrate the beleaguered launch of 4A Game's follow-up, Deep Silver has released a new trailer to entice you into traveling into the nuclear wastelands of Russia's future.

At one time, Metro: Last Light was due to be published by THQ, but since it went bankrupt, Deep Silver snapped up the rights to the franchise during a bankruptcy auction. 4A Games remained on to finish the project it started, and has finally delivered a sequel to the cult favorite shooter from 2010.

The latest trailer is light on narrative, and focuses primarily on providing strong imagery to go along with a pounding score. There's a lot to like about Metro's unique approach to a post-apocalyptic future, and 4A Games showed a lot of promise with the original game. It looks like a lot of the issues have been rectified, and Last Light could be a much stronger game than its predecessor.

Check out the trailer below, and let us know what your favorite post-apocalypse has been in either movies or games.