Remember the good old days, of Christopher Moltisani high on drugs, shopping mobster movie deals, or just plain breaking kneecaps?  Well, it looks like a change is in the wind for Michael Imperioli.

According to TVLine, former 'The Sopranos' star Michael Imperioli will next take a lead role in NBC's Medical drama 'County,' which follows the lives of a group of young doctors, nurses, and administrators in a troubled Los Angeles County Hospital.  Most recently seen in ABC drama 'Detroit 1-8-7,' and before that retro crime-drama 'Life on Mars,' Imperioli will take the role of Dr. Mercer, a veteran attending physician overseeing the incoming interns to the hospital.

'County' comes from 'Friday Night Lights' and 'Parenthood' boss Jason Katims, and features Jason Ritter ('Parenthood'), Michael B. Jordan ('Chronicle,' 'Friday Night Lights'), Jess Weixler ('Medium,' 'Law & Order'), Agam Darshi ('Sanctuary') as well as Aimee Garcia ('Dexter') rounding out its cast.

Well, there are are those of us who will forever look at Michael Imperioli and remember Christopher Moltisanti and Toni Soprano crashed by the side of the road, but NBC's been overdue for a successful medical drama ever since 'E.R.' ended.  Besides, it might be nice to see Michael Imperioli without a gun, for a change.

What say you?  Will you follow Michael Imperioli in his latest attempt to branch out into network television, or does the series need to be quietly whacked by the side of the road?  What about the other members of the cast?

Give us your fondest Christopher memories, or takes on 'County' in the comments section below!