It may be impossible to overstate how important The Sopranos was in the history of television. There really was an era before it and an era after it. It changed everything, redefining how people looked at not only HBO but the entire medium of TV. Suddenly, TV wasn’t about making moving wallpaper anymore. The Sopranos showed television could be as good or better than the greatest movie.

And somehow it is now 25 years old.

The first episode of The Sopranos debuted on January 10, 1999. To celebrate the landmark’s 25th anniversary, Max is adding new content to its library — including never-before-scene deleted scenes — and hosting a bunch of events and promotions.

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A press release claims that the 25th Anniversary Collection for The Sopranos on Max “includes 15 deleted scenes, three of which have never been released. It will also include over five hours of behind-the-scenes featurette content.”

New York Sopranos fans will also be able to order “special Sopranos-inspired dishes such as Carmela's Baked Ziti and Satriale’s Special Caprese” from the Little Italy restaurant Da Nico. There will also be Satriale’s pop-ups in New York and LA (at Regina’s and Ggiata, respectively) if you feel like eating some gabagool. And fans in New York and Los Angeles will also be able to attend “Family Reunion” fan screenings of the original series pilot on January 10. You don’t get to see The Sopranos on the big screen very often, so that is a unique treat.

The entire series of The Sopranos is currently streaming on Max. I rewatched it from start to finish (for the third time) a couple years ago, and it still might be the greatest television show ever made.

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