Stop what you're doing. The most important news of all time is about to unfold right before your eyes. A sequel to the cult classic Mirror's Edge has been spotted on Germany's Amazon site. After years of waiting and hoping, the dream of a Mirror's Edge 2 might finally come true.

UK site CVG spotted the listing (which has since been removed), though the game's page lacked any pertinent information about a release date or updated box art. E3 is just around the corner though, and it wouldn't be outside the realm of reason to expect EA and DICE to drop the megaton bomb of a surprise on fans of the franchise.

Despite not being a commercial smash, the game garnered a massive following in the years after its release. As one of the more unique IPs to have launched during the last generation, Mirror's Edge seemed poised for great things. It never happened though. Rumors about Mirror's Edge 2 have been around for ages though, and none of them have come to fruition. CVG points to a November 2012 tweet from EA Easy manager Ben Cousins, who claimed Mirror's Edge 2 was in development at DICE. Nothing more was ever said since then.

It would be awesome if a follow-up to Mirror's Edge released on current generation consoles this year, but we certainly wouldn't complain if ME2 (what a great shorthand, BTW) made its way to the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 during the launch period. Either way, please, please, please let this happen. Please.