Another day, another possible clue to Mirror's Edge 2's E3 2013 appearance. A new help page has shown up on EA's Help Center specifically created for the sequel to the DICE first-person parkour title.

After two separate listings on two different international Amazon stores, now EA has accidentally leaked Mirror's Edge 2 on its own site. Users over at neoGAF discovered a new help portal on the company's Help Center, the location of all frequently asked questions based on specific games EA publishes. The Mirror's Edge 2 page has been taken down already, but not before screengrabs of the the domain were taken. What once was a sequel no one thought would ever happen has quickly become one of the worst-kept secrets in gaming.

There was no mention of specific consoles or a release date, or anything of that nature on the site, however help pages only exist for games EA has already announced. There are no pages for future titles like FIFA 15 or Mass Effect 4, but FIFA 14 and Mass Effect 3 do exist. It sounds like a lot of work for an elaborate hoax, so it looks as if Mirror's Edge 2 will finally be happening five years later. At least we hope it's on track for this year. There's a chance the sequel could be an Xbox One exclusive, which would make it a pretty impressive launch title that could attract even more consumers.

Are you excited by the idea of a second Mirror's Edge? What do you hope to see from the sequel?