Less than a week after Mirror's Edge 2 appeared on Amazon Germany, it has now appeared once more on Amazon Italy. Though the listing has since been pulled again, the evidence is mounting. It looks like we may finally be getting that sequel we've been eagerly awaiting since 2008.

The listing was spotted by OXM U.K., which managed to grab a screenshot of the listing before it was yanked. This time around, Amazon claimed the game was an Xbox One title, giving some thought EA and Microsoft may have come to an agreement on exclusivity for the sequel many thought would never happen.

No release date is given, and the box art is clearly place holder material, but that Mirror's Edge 2 keeps appearing on retail sites as reputable as Amazon in the weeks ahead of E3 2013 is certainly promising. Of course, being and Xbox One exclusive has its disadvantages. In addition to the whole DRM/used games mess Microsoft is working through right now, there's the matter of possibly mandatory Kinect. As thrilled as we are Mirror's Edge 2 might finally be happening, playing the game using Kinect controls sounds like an absolute nightmare.

We are literally 12 days away from Microsoft's E3 press event, where it's likely we'll learn more about Mirror's Edge 2, whether it exists or not. We've got our fingers, messenger bags, and tabi sneakers crossed this pans out to be true.