Getty Images, Penguin Classics
Getty Images, Penguin Classics

Are you ready for a whale of a tale that takes place in space? So much rhyming! Scott Steindorff's Scott Pictures is teaming up with 'We Need to Talk About Kevin' director Lynne Ramsay for 'Mobius' -- and they said original ideas were dead.

We wanted new and interesting ideas and less remakes and sequels, and it seems like Scott Pictures heard us. According to THR, the Scott Pictures banner is working with director Lynne Ramsay on a new flick called 'Mobius,' and it sounds straight-up bonkers. Ramsay is writing the script with her 'We Need to Talk About Kevin' co-writer Rory Kinnear, which focuses on an obsessive captain (a la Captain Ahab) who takes his crew on an incredibly dangerous mission in the depths of space on his quest for revenge against a mysterious alien entity.

What did that alien do to him, anyhow? If it's one of those 'Avatar' aliens, we totally get it.

The project is being described as a "psychological action thriller," though bizarrely absent from the description are the words "amazing," "bats--- insane," and "we'll take 80 tickets now, please."

Ramsay is also currently working with Scott Pictures on the western 'Jane Got a Gun,' starring Natalie Portman as a woman who must defend her homestead and her dying husband when the criminals who left him for dead come calling.

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