In the fanboy-friendly world of internet movie news, it came as a surprise that yesterday's biggest story wasn't something 'Star Wars' or Marvel-related, but the intriguing saga of the low-budget Natalie Portman Western 'Jane Got a Gun,' which lost its director on the first day of shooting. Rather unheard of for a director to jump ship by simply not showing up to work.

Portman and company can now rest a little easier, however, as the project has quickly recovered with a brand-new helmer: Gavin O'Connor.

Who is Gavin O'Connor, you may wonder? He's the man behind the much-acclaimed MMA drama, 'Warrior,' starring Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton (with whom he'll reunite on 'Jane'). He's also the man who gave us the U.S. Olympic hockey team feel-gooder 'Miracle' and the Colin Farrell/Edward Norton crime thriller 'Pride and Glory.'

O'Connor comes in just a day after the news of director Lynne Ramsay's abrupt departure from 'Jane Got a Gun,' which could have been devastating to the production - after all, who could realistically hope for a new director to swoop in at the last minute on a film someone else has developed for about a year? And a highly respected director at that? But O'Connor is evidently the man for the job, and will commence production on the film this Thursday.

Meanwhile, we're still waiting to hear an official explanation from Ramsay, whose camp has been completely mum on the topic thus far. That should be a real doozy.

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