'Monsters University,' Pixar's prequel to 'Monsters Inc.,' brings back Billy Crystal's Mike Wazowkski and John Goodman's James P. Sullivan to tell the duo's awkward college stories. But we get to go even further back in time in the brand-new 'Monsters University' trailer to see the moment when little toddler Mike first wanted to attend college. The only downside, for non-Japanese speakers at least, is that the trailer's all in Japanese.

The beloved Pixar movie 'Monsters Inc.' is getting a prequel the upcoming 'Monsters University,' in theaters June 21. The first trailer and posters offered up a few previews on what we can expect to see of Mike and Sulley's college years, but now a new trailer has just hit, coming at us from Japan. As such, the entire bit of footage is in Japanese, but it shows us a never-before-seen look at the upcoming flick, including what a little baby Mike Wazowski looks like.

'Monsters University' is the tale of how Mike and Sulley were trained in the art of scaring at Monsters University's School of Scaring before they both landed jobs at Monsters, Inc. While the two butted heads at first, they ultimately set aside their differences to help each other succeed in school. Though, from the looks of the new trailer, it seems it'll be a bumpy road indeed, especially for Mike who can't seem to impress the Dean.

Check out the new 'Monsters University' trailer below, ignoring the Japanese if you don't speak it. Just look at the brand-new footage!