The second season of USA’s Emmy-winning Mr. Robot took us into a world rocked by economic upheaval and uncertainty, which now bears more than a passing resemblance to our own. As such, creator Sam Esmail “leaked” a new script page from the third season, in which Elliot reacts to the election of Donald Trump.

Take this with a grain of salt, as Mr. Robot now exists in a divergent political world from our own (even if Season 2 derisively mentioned Trump’s run), though creator Sam Esmail shared a brief snippet of his own reflected thoughts, by way of a Mr. Robot script. Consider it heavily unlikely the exchange actually appears in Season 3, though Elliot and Krista would probably react the same regardless:

That said, Esmail stated before the election that Season 3 would draw heavily on the charged climate akin to Trump outrage, if not necessarily featuring the man himself:

The sentiment and the outrage and the support of Donald Trump; the groundswell by which he rose to become the Republican nominee, that sort of atmosphere is going to be used in the Mr. Robot universe and amplified by this great economic collapse which is happening like a slow car accident. What you’re seeing is the events that stoked those (Trump-like) sentiments … There will be a lot of overlap. The increased terrorism and domestic violence that has gone on, a lot of that will play into the Mr. Robot universe.

Esmail will again direct all of Season 3, though USA has yet to suggest a formal premiere window for Mr. Robot’s return. Hopefully, the would there will still feel like an extreme slant on our own.

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