We’re a a few episodes into the first season of MTV’s Scream TV series and we’re still having a hard time believing that someone actually went out and made a Scream TV series. But they did make one and the people who count the numbers must be pleased with what they’ve seen so far. The series has been renewed for a second season.

The news comes straight out of the show’s Comic-Con panel (via TV Line), where executive producer Jaime Paglia announced the renewal. Not many other details were discussed. After all, how are you supposed to talk about a second season of a TV show when everyone in the crowd hasn’t even seen the entire first season yet?

Interestingly, actress Bella Thorne did reveal that she will be back for the show’s sophomore season...even though she was killed off in the pilot episode. This could mean one of a few things: flashbacks, a season set in the past, her character having a twin sister, her death somehow being elaborately faked, etc. Pick your theory now and watch it crumble to dust as the rest of the season slowly disproves it!

Scream has been garnering wildly mixed reactions from critics and viewers alike, but this renewal shows that MTV is playing for keeps with this one. Between this, The Walking Dead, Bates Motel, and the upcoming Damien, it’s now a very interesting and weird time to be a horror fan with access to cable television.