The first official teaser for Netflix’s Narcos Season 2 gave not only a premiere date, but also another red-letter day in history that seemed to confirm Pablo Escobar’s days were numbered. Now, star Wagner Moura confirms a deadly plan for the condensed second season, raising the question of a third Narcos season potentially rebooting.

You’re warned of Narcos Season 2 spoilers (or actual history for that matter), but where the first season of Narcos spanned a ten-year period, from Escobar’s discovery of cocaine to his escape from “La Catedral” prison, the second season would unfold over the span of a solitary month. So confirmed Moura in an interview with Chelsea Handler, as well that the character would meet his historical end:

It’s all about Pablo on the run, because the first season covers ten years of Pablo’s life - the first day he sees cocaine for the first time, to the day he escapes from La Catedral. And now it’s very short, it’s from the day Pablo escapes, to his … death. Pablo’s going to die this season.

Of course, Pablo Escobar’s death leaves open the question of Narcos Season 3, as-yet-unconfirmed, but a distinct likelihood given the show’s Golden Globe recognition (via EW). A new subject altogether seems like a possibility, even as the cocaine trade lasted beyond Escobar’s death, raising additional questions of Boyd Holbrook (Gone Girl) and Pedro Pascal (Game of Thrones) returning.

In the meantime, Narcos Season 2 will premiere all episodes on September 2, the teaser for which you can find below.

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