Even though Michael Fassbender had to exit 'Jane Got a Gun,' he's still got plans to work with Natalie Portman, who's just signed on to star opposite Fassbender in 'Macbeth.'

When 'Jane Got a Gun' started falling apart, the first person to jump ship was Michael Fassbender, who exited due to scheduling conflicts with 'X-Men: Days of Future Past.' Our hearts were broken because we were dying to see Natalie Portman and Fassbender work together on that project, but alas.

Now comes news that can put our hearts back together again! Screen Daily reports that Natalie Portman has just been cast in 'Macbeth' opposite Fassbender. Portman will play the role of Lady Macbeth to Fassy's Macbeth, of course, in the latest adaptation of the classic Shakespeare play about royal madness, also known as the cursed play -- so here's hoping this thing doesn't fall apart.

Todd Louiso, who wrote and directed 'Hello I Must Be Going,' and who you might remember as the bald guy in 'High Fidelity,' penned the script for 'Macbeth' with his 'Marc Pease Experience' co-writer Jacob Koskoff. The original dialogue and setting will remain the same, and 'Snowtown' director Justin Kurzel is at the helm, with "significant battle scenes" being promised.

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