Though NBC's removal of last week's intended 'Hannibal' episode "Ceuf" over sensitive materials, and subsequent replacement with follow-up episode "Coquilles" had little impact on the narrative overall, fans of the series will no doubt seek to view the completed episode over NBC's truncated web-series version. Now the episode in its entirety has debuted online, so find out what's so shocking about NBC's 'Hannibal' "Ceuf" inside!

Many were surprised that NBC opted to pull 'Hannibal's fourth episode "Ceuf" over sensitive materials, especially considering that NBC's unease with the episode apparently arose before the Boston Marathon bombings that led to the ultimate swap. NBC swiftly slotted in follow-up episode "Coquilles" in its place, allowing snippets of "Ceuf" online as a web series that excised the episode's plot of child violence, as well as 'SNL' vet Molly Shannon's appearance as the orchestrator.

Now, Fuller has announced over Twitter that the full episode has been made available on iTunes, without any of the cuts that featured into NBC's web-series version. "Ceuf" didn't contain any information that necessarily would have affected the series going forward, but did however flesh out the relationship between Hannibal Lecter and young Abigail Hobbs (Kacey Rohm), along with a greater contribution to Will Graham's fragile state.

You can download the pulled 'Hannibal' episode here, and let us know if you thought NBC was right to withhold "Ceuf" in the comments!