Jodie Foster has developed a strong directing career in recent years, including TV stops on both Orange is the New Black and House of Cards, but Hannibal creator Bryan Fuller hopes to return the Silence of the Lambs actress to more familiar territory. Should Hannibal live to dine another day on Season 4, might Jodie Foster herself introduce a new Clarice Starling?

Speaking to Vulture at the Saturn Awards, Fuller expounded upon the potential plan for introducing Clarice Starling down the line, namely that if MGM ends up refusing to relinquish the rights to any Silence of the Lambs characters, Hannibal might skirt the issue by introducing a “Schmarice Schmarling” facsimile. Fuller also specified that he’d want to tell the story of Buffalo Bill in his own way, though by previous admission, we might not necessarily see either until Season 5, anyway.

Still, the Hannibal creator expressed his interest in working with Jodie Foster, whether by Clarice or otherwise. After all, who wouldn’t take whatever Jodie they could get? Don’t answer, Elysium viewers.

I’ve asked Schmodie Schmoster if she wanted to direct an episode, because she’s a brilliant director. But that’s the only conversation I’ve had with Schmodie Schmoster.

Of course, Hannibal Season 3 has already been prepared, with nine more episodes waiting in the kitchen, but one has to imagine that the prospect of Jodie Foster directing an episode would work in Hannibal Season 4's favor. Keep that chatter chattering, fans!