The shock of Hannibal’s NBC cancellation never quite set in, if only by seeming assurance another network would quickly devour a chance to produce Season 4. Now, series creator Bryan Fuller dissects the chances of Hannibal moving to Netflix or Amazon, when we might finally meet Clarice Starling, and how far the series might last overall.

Speaking with both The Hollywood Reporter and Variety, Fuller confirmed that several outlets have expressed interest in rescuing Hannibal for a fourth season, though the darkly delicious drama’s exclusive streaming rights with Amazon might prevent Netflix from ever sampling the series. Fuller tells THR:

There has been interest from a few different parties. It’s all about gauging how much of an interest and there’s certain avenues that I know we wouldn’t be able to do, for instance Netflix because our deal with Amazon precludes a Netflix component. So it’s not a good deal for them to make even though they’ve been so kind in terms of their enthusiasm for the show. The contract limits what they could do with it. The studio is talking with other venues to see how serious their interest is.

Amazon makes the most sense, honestly, because they have been great partners with us for three seasons and we are exclusively streaming on Amazon. It feels like they have the interest in the program.

That said, Fuller told Variety that committing to Amazon and removing NBC from the equation could hurt the show internationally, the market of which has largely kept Hannibal afloat in the U.S. through its existing three seasons:

All I know is that things are being discussed with venues to see how interested they actually are. I don’t know to what extent. Without an NBC component, it’s a little complicated. Even some of our international partners, because there’s no NBC component, will pass on a fourth season.

If nothing else, Fuller also clarified that rights to Silence of the Lambs character Clarice Starling hadn’t impacted any negotiations for Season 4, as Hannibal wouldn’t plan to introduce the character until a fifth season anyway. Fuller kept mum on the plans for Season 4, noting that it would spoil the ending of Season 3, though he teased to Variety:

The concept for the Season 4 arc is one that is inherently twisted, but also such a dynamic shift from where we were the first three seasons that there is also a broadening of the palette to include a lot more humor.

Okay! Fuller also assured that the Season 3 finale (10 weeks from now so we’ll have our fill) would follow its predecessors in ending with just a dash of closure to keep fans happy, should Season 3 proved to be the last course. We can also breathe easy about Fuller’s role in showrunning Starz’s American Gods, as plans have been put in place that would enable him to work on both.

It’s tough to tell when news of Hannibal‘s ultimate fate might arrive, leaving the upcoming Comic-Con 2015 panel with a wildly uncertain tone, but will Amazon be the one to provide our next meal? What mysterious Season 4 plan for Hannibal might Bryan Fuller have in mind?