NBC's 'Dracula' may not have scared up the supernatural ratings one would think becoming of a Jonathan Rhys-Meyers take on the iconic vampire, but will 'The Wolfman' really get the blood flowing? Sources report that work has begun on a new adaptation of the classic movie monster for NBC's horror lineup, but with a surprising source of inspiration.

Via Deadline, the latest take on 'The Wolfman' stems from 'Dracula' executive producer and head writer Daniel Knauf, and surprisingly draws inspiration from the 2010 adaptation that starred 'Guardians of the Galaxy' player Benicio Del Toro, 'Captain America''s Hugo Weaving and Odin himself, Anthony Hopkins. Though a critical and commercial flop, that  'Wolfman' at least drew its inspiration from the 1941 original.

The latest incarnation of 'The Wolfman' -- likely to be paired with 'Dracula' or 'Grimm' on NBC Friday nights -- is described as "a supernatural thriller that explores what it means to be a man and to be human. It centers on Lawrence Talbot, who is afflicted by an ancient curse and jacks into the powerful, primordial soul of the alpha-predator." Knauf will write and executive produce with 2010 feature producer Scott Stuber and Quan Phung.

We'll keep an ear out for further development of NBC's latest stab at the supernatural genre, but what say you? Would you tune in to see NBC howl at the moon with a 'Wolfman' remake series? Watch the trailer below, and give us your thoughts in the comments!

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