One of the best comedies of the year was 'Neighbors,' the Nicholas Stoller film starring Seth Rogen as a suburban father battling it out with the frat bros next door. And now the guys who penned the screenplay for that film are set to follow in the footsteps of Rogen himself, making their directorial debut with 'Thrill Ride,' a horror comedy about a theme park slasher.

Deadline reports that Fox has picked up 'Thrill Ride,' a story idea from 'Neighbors' writers Andrew J. Cohen and Brendan O'Brien, which the pair will direct, marking their first feature as directors. Peter Warren, who previously wrote for the MTV series 'Happyland,' will write the full screenplay.

Taking advantage of topical subject matter, the film centers on a high school where bullying is commonplace. For the annual Senior Night, the school rents out a local amusement park for the upperclassmen to enjoy. But while in the park, the students become trapped and are slaughtered in horrific ways, as the mysterious killer uses the rides to his/her sinister advantage, torturing and murdering the school bullies. As the evening progresses, the school's diverse groups will have to overcome their differences and unite if they want to stay alive.

That description sounds more horror than comedy, but with the writers involved, it definitely has the potential for comedic gold. After 'Neighbors,' we're looking forward to whatever these guys do next.