We've got four more days until 'The Dark Knight Rises' hits theaters, and we don't know about you guys, but we're more excited than ever. We've got nine new photos from the film, including some cool behind the scenes stuff.

In these new photos, courtesy of EW, we get some familiar faces and still images from the film, including Anne Hathaway's intriguing Catwoman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Morgan Freeman, Marion Cotillard, Batman on the Batpod, and an image of... Bane's back, if you're into that sort of thing, and we kind of are because it's Tom Hardy, so why not?

There's also a fantastic image of Christian Bale as Batman in silhouette, and one as Bruce Wayne with Michael Caine's Alfred peering over his shoulder as they look at a computer monitor. This image could probably also double as one of those stock photos you see in a corporate handbook illustrating common problems with computers in the workplace.

The best image, by far, is one of director Chrisopher Nolan playing with miniature cars on a street drawn in chalk on the concrete, presumably figuring out the logistics of a big action sequence. It's good to know that playing with toys is a useful life skill.

'The Dark Knight Rises' is the final film in Nolan's Batman trilogy and hits theaters this  Friday, July 20.