Those fans curious about when they’d see a new Wonder Woman poster need no longer wonder. [douses self in gasoline, flings immolating body off of steep cliff into shark-infested waters] Now that the customary pun penance — punance, if you will — is all over and through with, we can present the new one-sheet for Warner Bros.’ upcoming big screen outing for Diana Prince without any further ado. And it just might be the most handsome poster yet, a swirl of warm primary colors with the focus on a radical juxtaposition.

Admittedly, the whole orange-and-teal schitck has gotten old, and the sunset bleeding into a cloud-dusted sky provides a pretty pat backdrop for the commanding figure of Gal Gadot in the foreground. But what a foreground that is: in the new poster, Gadot hoists a tank aloft like it’s a sack of grain, with nary a hair out of place as she performs a feat of superhuman might. The poster presents a primal, symbolic contrast in the clash between Wonder Woman (slight in comparison to the war machine, colorful, alive) and the tank (massive, indifferent, dull, industrial, inhuman). Critics have praised the unalloyed, angst-free optimism of the film as a refreshing salve to the recent spate of moody-broody superhero flicks, and this poster drives home the rah-rag feel goodery of justice triumphing over the evil forces of war. Take a gander:

Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.

Wonder Woman will bound into theaters on June 2, a week from this coming Friday. The wait has felt like a small eternity, but take solace that it shall all soon pay off.

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