Paramount Pictures' 'World War Z' seemingly has it all: Brad Pitt, big explosions, international intrigue, a looming apocalypse. Oh, and zombies. We shouldn't forget the zombies, even if it seems the studio has. Case in point: the new poster for the Marc Forster film, which features a forlorn Pitt as he surveys a devastated city from the safety of a helicopter. Lots of fire and destruction. No zombies.

As you'll see below, it's not a bad poster. It's quite pretty, in its anarchic way, and conveys the idea that some very bad things are happening to the world while Brad Pitt is helpless - for now - to do anything about it. But it's slightly odd that it's not pushing a most crucial detail: this is a zombie movie. Zombies are responsible for the chaos; indeed, zombies are the reason this movie exits.

The studio has been marketing this movie quite mysteriously; in the last trailer (which is, admittedly, fairly impressive), we see rolling herds of crazed figures lay waste to cities, villages and even an airplane - but if you didn't know for a fact that this was an undead menace, it wouldn't exactly be obvious what the threat is. (The trailer even missed out on the usually obligatory news broadcast announcing, "The dead are coming back to life!")

Why the concealment on the studio's part? Aren't zombies "so hot right now?" Are they just teasing the audience with hints of the film's plot, or are they afraid of zombie overload?  In any case, they're going to have to spill the beans pretty soon; the movie opens on June 21st.

World War Z poster

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