Fighting is still a major part of the way hockey is played, but the experience hasn't been replicated quite right in video games to this point. EA is hoping to change that with NHL 14 and the new Enforcer Engine.

Now, instead of a first-person fighting mini-game appearing when two players engage in fisticuffs, the action will happen dynamically on the ice in the same camera you're already accustomed to using. The Enforcer Engine also has the backing of the Fight Night Engine, which allows for actual physics-based melee, including keeping players off balance.

The AI has been tweaked to respond accordingly this time around too, as in NHL 14 your big defenders will engage opposing players automatically if one of your stars is attacked. Bruises and damage will happen in real-time during a fight, and players will continue to wear the purple and black badges of honor for the remainder of the game.

Check out the Enforcer Engine in action in the trailer above, and let us know which NHL player you'd want to have your back in a fight.