Just over a week ago, word broke that Nickelodeon might unite any number of its iconic ‘90s cartoons, from Rugrats to Ren and Stimpy for an epic crossover movie, but it seems Nick’s nostalgia plans may run far deeper. According to reports, Nickelodeon may soon launch “The Splat” as a specific daily block to rerun our beloved animated favorites.

Speculation built over the past week, as a new “Splat” teaser video, website and social media accounts made the rounds, stirring up cartoons from the likes of Rugrats, Hey Arnold!, Aaahh! Real Monsters!, Rocko’s Modern Life, about any you can imagine. The logo also made multiple appearances at ‘90s Fest in Brooklyn this past weekend, according to Buzzfeed.

Yet where many presumed Nickelodeon might create a separate channel for its classic series, multiple reports seem to clarify that “The Splat” would represent a specific programming block on Nickelodeon. According to a Nickelodeon Australia spokesperson, “The Splat is a new day part (10pm - 6am) that is launching next month in the U.S.”

Nickelodeon has yet to offer its own formal stateside confirmation, but would “The Splat” serviceably rerun the best of its ‘90s animated series? Which shows should we hope garner the most late-night real-estate?