U.K boyband One Direction, the five-man (err, boy) British/Irish pop group who first came to prominence on the U.K version of 'The X Factor' two years ag,. are already poised to win the hearts of tween girls stateside. First it was a stint on the Nick hit 'iCarly' and a performance on the upcoming Kids' Choice Awards. And now, One Direction is about to invade the U.S. with their windswept hair and lilting accents on their own Nickelodeon show. But not all their fans are giddy with glee.

Nickelodeon has confirmed the rumored One Direction show with a tweet: "The rumors are true, our live-action slate does include a development project for One Direction."

You'd think the news would be music to the ears of the group's loyal fanbase but the Twitter hashtag #1DPleaseDontGoToNick tells a different story.  Apparently, fans are concerned the Nick show will take the group away from their music.  (Once signed to Simon Cowell's Syco label, the boys began storming the charts overseas with their heart-melting hit "What Makes You Beautiful.")

However, the real question is how will Justin Bieber handle competition from five snappily-dressed Brits with perfectly coiffed shags and blinding white smiles? Don't let Selena Gomez out of your sight, Biebs.