With Zack Snyder's Justice League quickly approaching, fans have been speculating over other director’s cuts of DC films that could come to fruition. As Wonder Woman 1984 edges closer and closer to its HBO Max release, it begs the question: Will there be a Patty Jenkins cut in the future?

Speaking with Collider, Jenkins was candid about her desire to release a version of the movie that was more in line with her vision.“No. I wouldn’t even want to,” said Jenkins. “The reason why is because I grew up with the pacing of films being a little bit slower and I think that’s great. And when I show those movies to my son, there’s no part of him that thinks they’re too slow. When you watch Superman or you watch Raiders of the Lost Ark, nothing about it is too slow. We’ve gotten pretty quick moving in movies a lot now, but that doesn’t add up to emotion to me.”

Director’s cuts are often released when a movie’s runtime has been significantly reduced to comply with studio requests. According to Jenkins, there was once a cut of Wonder Woman 1984 that ran two hours and 45 minutes (the current runtime is two hours and 31 minutes). But those extra minutes didn't influence Jenkins’ opinion on the matter. “So, if I aired my longer cut, it would be 15 minutes or 10 minutes longer and everybody would say, ‘I couldn’t tell the difference,’ because it would just be a little bit slower pace across the board so it’s not really worth it.”

There wasn’t an extended cut of 2017’s Wonder Woman either, because there were no deleted scenes. This seems to be Jenkins’ style, and it seems to be working for the Wonder Woman franchise. Wonder Woman 1984 premieres in theaters and on HBO Max on December 25, Christmas Day.

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