While 'Brave' didn't receive as high reviews as many of us were hoping, the Pixar short that accompanied the film, 'La Luna,' definitely did. In case you don't want to wait to relive the spectacular animation when 'Brave' hits DVD and Blu-ray on November 14, you can watch it in full right here.

'La Luna,' directed by Enrico Casarosa and nominated for Best Animated Short Film for this year's Oscars, follows three generations of men and their unique relationship with the moon. The young boy is experiencing his very first night accompanying his father grandfather as they paddle out into the sea beneath a full moon. What they do exactly we cannot say as it would ruin the surprise of the short film, but thankfully 'La Luna' is now available online for those who missed it in theaters.

You can watch 'La Luna' in full below, but it will also be available on the 'Brave' Blu-ray as well as the upcoming 'Pixar Shorts Collection 2.'

The full-length video of 'La Luna' was pulled offline after this article was published. We'll post the footage when it returns, but we've included a clip from the short film below.