You don't need us to tell you what a huge, whopping success 'The LEGO Movie' was: you love it, we love it -- even your grandma was probably humming "Everything Is Awesome" there for a few weeks while she made her soups. The film has led to a planned spinoff for the LEGO Batman character, there's a sequel in the works, and it's helped to perpetuate studio plans for even more films based on toys and board games. Not to be left out, the Playmobil toys are also getting their own movie adaptation.

Just as sequels and reboots and the ceaseless comic book mania are inevitable, so now are adaptations of toys and board games. When we start running out of beloved cartoons and books and old TV shows to adapt and reimagine, we turn our attention to inanimate objects. Let's all look forward to the year 2058, when we adapt Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville Blender into a buddy comedy cartoon.

According to Variety, On Entertainment has secured the rights to adapt the Playmobil toys into a feature film, capitalizing on the success of 'The LEGO Movie.' Playmobil was first introduced in 1974, and, like LEGO, features dozens of different play worlds and characters, giving the filmmakers a veritable blank canvas with which to work. The Playmobil movie will be made by the same folks behind the studio's upcoming big screen animated version of 'The Little Prince,' which hits theaters in 2015.

Meanwhile, we'll see the Playmobil movie in all its clicky, blocky, animated glory in 2017.