Released in 1991, 'Point Break' starred Keanu Reeves as Johnny Utah, an FBI agent who infiltrates a crew of surfing bank robbers in an attempt to bust them, but unwittingly bonds with their leader, Bodhi (Patrick Swayze). The classic action flick was directed by Kathryn Bigelow, way back before she directed 'The Hurt Locker' (which earned her an Oscar for Best Director, making her the first woman to win that award) and 'Zero Dark Thirty.' Twenty-three years later, after a remake has been announced with Gerard Butler succeeding Swayze, we take a look back at the cast of this cult favorite and see what they're up to now. 

Keanu Reeves, Johnny Utah

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Then: Keanu Reeves played FBI Agent Johnny Utah, who goes undercover to infiltrate a crew of surfers who have been robbing banks. Matthew Broderick, Charlie Sheen, Johnny Depp and Val Kilmer were all originally considered for the role when Ridley Scott was attached to direct the film. The part went to Reeves, an up-and-coming actor who was known for roles in 'River's Edge' and 'Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.' What you might not know is that Reeves and 'Point Break' co-star Patrick Swayze had previously appeared together in the 1986 film 'Youngblood.'

Now: Reeves definitely became a major star after 'Point Break,' appearing in films like 'Bram Stoker's Dracula,' 'Speed' and 'The Devil's Advocate,' but he's best known for playing Neo in the Wachowski's 'Matrix' trilogy. He's also appeared in 'Constantine,' 'A Scanner Darkly' and 'The Day the Earth Stood Still.' Recently, Reeves took a crack at directing with the film 'Man of Tai Chi,' which he also starred in. You can also see him in the recent release '47 Ronin' and the upcoming film 'John Wick.' And, of course, there's always been talk from Reeves of a third 'Bill and Ted' film ...

Patrick Swayze, Bodhi

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Then: Patrick Swayze, star of such films as 'Road House' and 'Dirty Dancing,' played Bodhi, the ringleader of the robbers. Swayze always performed his own action scenes without a stunt double, so he insisted on learning to surf and skydive for the film -- he ended up skydiving a total of 55 times and was quite the natural, though he cracked four ribs while learning how to surf.

Now: Swayze tragically passed away in 2009 at the age of 57 due to complications from cancer. Over the years he appeared in films like 'Three Wishes,' 'To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar' and 'Donnie Darko.' He played a dance instructor in the 2004 film 'Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights,' and his final film role was in the 2009 indie 'Powder Blue.'

Gary Busey, Angelo Pappas

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Then: Gary Busey played FBI Agent Angelo Pappas, Johnny Utah's partner and a veteran of the agency. Busey was known for roles in 'The Buddy Holly Story,' 'Lethal Weapon' and 'Predator 2.'

Now: Busey's selected film credits include 'Under Siege,' 'The Firm,' 'Lost Highway' and 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.' The actor was injured in a motorcycle accident in 1988, causing brain damage that has led to some of his more outlandish behavior, as revealed on the 2008 season of ‘Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.’ Busey has also appeared on two seasons of ‘Celebrity Apprentice,’ and on episodes of ‘Two and a Half Men’ and the short-lived series ‘Mr. Box Office.’ Busey’s recent film credits include roles in ‘Piranha 3DD’ and ‘Bounty Killer.’

Lori Petty Tyler Endicott

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Then: Lori Petty was a little-known actress when she was cast as Tyler Endicott, the orphan surfer girl who Johnny falls in love with after she teaches him about the surfer lifestyle. Petty had only some television credits to her name and a role in 'Cadillac Man.'

Now: Petty went on to star in 'A League of Their Own,' 'Poetic Justice,' 'Free Willy,' 'In the Army Now' and 'Tank Girl,' the latter of which was based on the cult comic of the same name and was quite a memorable commercial failure. In 2003 she appeared in the indie flick 'Prey for Rock & Roll' with Gina Gershon, and in 2008 she directed the film 'The Poker House,' starring a then-unknown Jennifer Lawrence. She's guest starred on 'House' and 'CSI: NY,' but hasn't appeared in anything since 2009.

John C. McGinley, Ben Harp

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Then: John C. McGinley played FBI Agent Ben Harp, Johnny and Angelo's boss. McGinley was known for roles in the Oliver Stone films 'Platoon,' 'Wall Street' and 'Born on the Fourth of July.'

Now: McGinley went on to appear in films like 'Seven,' 'Office Space' and 'Identity,' but he's perhaps best known for the role of short-tempered Dr. Perry Cox on the long-running sitcom 'Scrubs.' He had a recurring role on 'Burn Notice' and currently stars on the new series 'Ground Floor,' from the creator of 'Scrubs.' McGinley recently appeared in the films 'Alex Cross' and '42.'

James LeGros, Roach

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Then: James LeGros played Roach, one of the guys on Bodhi's crew, known as the Ex-Presidents because of the rubber masks they wear, which bear the likenesses of former presidents. You might have seen LeGros previously in 'Near Dark,' which was also directed by Kathyn Bigelow, or in 'Born on the Fourth of July.'

Now: LeGros is one of the great "that guy" actors, meaning you probably don't know his name, but he's always an amazing presence. He's appeared in the films 'Singles,' 'Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle,' 'Enemy of the State' and 'Zodiac.' He co-starred with Kate Winslet and Guy Pearce on the HBO miniseries 'Mildred Pierce,' and he's guest starred on shows like 'Friends' and 'House.' He also had recurring roles on acclaimed shows like 'Justified' and 'Girls.'

Tom Sizemore, Agent Dietz

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Then: Tom Sizemore had an uncredited role as DEA Agent Dietz during a scene in which Johnny Utah and Angelo Pappas unwittingly ruin an undercover operation when they mistake a group of surfers for their bank robbers. Sizemore was still an up-and-coming actor at the time, and had appeared in 'Flight of the Intruder' and 'Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man.'

Now: Sizemore appeared in films like 'Natural Born Killers,' ‘Heat,’ ‘Saving Private Ryan,’ ‘Bringing Out the Dead’ and ‘Black Hawk Down.’ In 2003 he was arrested on charges of assault and battery, and his subsequent and highly publicized struggles with substance abuse led him to a stint on ‘Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.’ He’s been trying to turn his career around ever since, appearing mostly in B-movies. Recently, he starred in the films ‘Company of Heroes,’ ‘Reach Me’ and ‘Paranormal Movie,’ and had a recurring role on ‘Hawaii Five-0.’