It was confirmed earlier this year that a 'Poltergeist' remake is most definitely in the works with Sam Raimi involved in the project, but now we're hearing that Raimi might just be directing the remake himself... Probably...

This news isn't that simple, but we'll try to explain: THR published a piece about the animated films in the running for Oscar contention, and they mentioned 'Poltergeist' as Sam Raimi's next project. Totally random and nonchalant, like it's no biggie. But that could just mean it's the next film he'll be heavily involved with as a producer, right? THR writer Scott Feinberg wanted to clarify, so he hopped on the ol' Twitter to confirm that 'Rabbit Hole' writer David Lindsay-Abaire is indeed writing the script and that it was Lindsay-Abaire himself who told Feinberg that Raimi is directing the remake. And then Hitfix reported it and here we are.

Basically: The writer of the 'Poltergeist' remake says Sam Raimi is directing and until another director is announced or Raimi comes out and says this isn't correct, we'll just assume that yes, Sam Raimi is (probably, maybe) directing the remake of 'Poltergeist.'

And we couldn't think of anyone better, honestly, given the original film's story of an angry entity tormenting a family who had the nerve to move into a house built on an old Indian burial ground. There's some great gross-out stuff in 'Poltergeist' that we think Raimi could go nuts with, too.