Just yesterday saw the likely-penultimate season of IFC’s Portlandia releasing its expansive list of guest stars, ahead of Season 7's early January premiere. Now, see a few in action as SNL star Vanessa Bayer, Laurie Metcalf and NBA player Damian Lillard make their debuts with five new clips from IFC.

Its new season set to premiere on January 5, Portlandia released five full new sketches from the Fred Armisen-Carrie Brownstein comedy’s seventh year. Above you’ll find SNL favorite Vanessa Bayer making her debut, while the below four spotlight everything from the “Weirdos” at Bed, Bath & Beyond to the return of the Men’s Rights Activists.

Elsewhere, Portlandia Season 7's guest roster will include Maria Bamford, Rachel Dratch, John Early, Judy Greer, Ryan Hansen, Tim Heidecker, Abbi Jacobson, Sam Richardson, Andy Richter, Run the Jewels and The B-52's. Returning from prior seasons are Steve Buscemi, Mitch Hurwitz, Natasha Lyonne, Kyle MacLachlan, and Kumail Nanjianai.

While we wait for a full trailer, stay tuned for the latest on Portlandia Season 7 as it arrives.

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