In a possible bid to force people who love comics to see the movie, Power Rangers is rolling out a sequel comic that picks up after the events of the film. This marks a continuation of the franchise movie-based comic that’s for come reason become even more popular this year — The Great Wall is getting a prequel comic before the movie’s release that’ll explain a little more of the movie’s backstory, like why exactly there are monsters trying to scale the Great Wall of China. Power Rangers: Aftershock will be an in-canon story that follows up with our five heroes after the credits roll.

Saban's Power Rangers: Aftershock will be a new graphic novel published by BOOM! Studios in association with Saban Brands, featuring Jason, Kimberly, Trini, Zack and Billy in their first adventure together since the movie's conclusion.

So, what this means is that they’re all fine by the end of the movie, which, I suppose, comes as a relief. It’s a bit of a weird move to announce this before the movie comes out, as it’ll dull any sense of peril the movie tries to give. But it’ll be nice for fans who want to immediately return to the Power Rangers world after the movie ends.

The novel will be 96 pages long and published by BOOM! Studios, and it’s actually the second movie sequel comic BOOM! has announced in the past couple of months. The studio is also producing a sequel comic to The Dark Crystal, based on the original script Frank Oz and Jim Henson drew up before the plans were scrapped. Whether or not this Power Rangers comic sequel says anything about plans for an actual movie sequel is anyone’s guess.

BOOM! Studios
BOOM! Studios

Power Rangers hits theaters March 24, 2017, and Power Rangers: Aftershock will be on shelves March 29.

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