As much as we love the FX series coming to the cable network in the immediate future, including a fourth season of 'Justified' and upcoming Cold War drama 'The Americans,' the network keeps in limbo one series we've been dying to see forever. A live-action rendition of Brian Michael Bendis' gritty super-powered drama 'Powers' has long been in development, marred by one setback or another, but will the series finally see the light of day? What does the creator have to say?

There may yet be good news on the horizon for fans of Brian Michael Bendis' superhero comic 'Powers,' which has long-remained in development as a live-action series at FX. Initially unsatisfied with the pilot adaptation, the network reportedly asked for a re-shoot with adjustments from writer Charles Eglee, though recently rumors emerged from Latino Review that FX passed on the series yet a second time.

Or did they? Jumping in front of the report, series creator Brian Michael Bendis took to his Twitter to debunk the story as "100% false," promising that good news would come regarding the series in the near future, at FX's discretion.

‘Powers’ follows detectives Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim, two Homicide division inhabiting a world regularly menaced by the struggles between superhero and supervillain, or “Powers” to which they’re referred.  Walker also acts as liaison to the super-powered community given his own past among them.

Previously, Jason Patric and Lucy Punch have been cast in the roles of Walker and Pilgrim, along with Charles S. Dutton, ‘LOST' star Titus Welliver and Carly Foulkes, but it isn't known what progress a re-shoot of the pilot made with different actors.

What say you? Do you think 'Powers' will eventually make it to series, or is the pilot better off on the trash heap? Give us your take in the comments!