Charting the development of any TV series is no easy task, but superhero procedural 'Powers' certainly hasn't had an easy time getting off the ground.  In spite of having shot a pilot, FX ultimately decided to pass on the series, even as pilot writer Charles Eglee, and comic book ‘Powers’ original creator Brian Michael Bendis insisted the project could move forward.  Now, who's saying there still might be hope?

According to Variety, FX still has hopes to move forward on superhero cop drama 'Powers,' in spite of repeated attempts to make the project happen.  Though the network ultimately passed on the pilot, rumors are swirling of a potential re-shoot with new actors in the roles, following a re-write of the series from scribe Charles Eglee.  It's likely that FX president John Landgraf will issue some kind of update on the series from the Television Critics Association press tour this week.

‘Powers’ follows detectives Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim, two Homicide division inhabiting a world regularly menaced by the struggles between superhero and supervillain, or “Powers” to which they’re referred.  Walker also acts as liaison to the super-powered community given his own past among them.  Previously, Jason Patric and Lucy Punch has been cast in the roles of Walker and Pilgrim, along with Charles S. Dutton, 'LOST' star Titus Welliver and Carly Foulkes.

Additionally, FX is expected to deliver some kind of update on the pilot of Keri Russell period spy drama 'The Americans,' as well as shooting of the Denis Leary-produced 'Bronx Warrants,' set to go before the cameras in August.

We’re excited that there’s still a chance, but what do you think?  Does ‘Powers’ sound strong enough to move forward as a series?  Give us your mighty opinion in the comments below!