Quentin Tarantino went on 'The Tonight Show' last night to promote the upcoming hardcover version of the 'Django Unchained' comic books, and while there, Jay Leno asked the million dollar question: what will Quentin's next film be? Starting with, "I've never told anyone about this publicly," Tarantino spilled some details on his upcoming project.

While he didn't reveal a title, he gave about as many details as the notoriously private director would ever give, telling Leno:

It's a western. It’s not a 'Django' sequel, but it’s another western. The thing is, I had so much fun doing 'Django' and I love westerns so much that after I taught myself how to make one it’s like, 'Well, okay, let me make another one now I know what I’m doing.'

When he was younger, Tarantino was fond of talking his ideas out in public, giving hints at projects he might eventually work on. One of those projects was '40 Lashes Less One,' an adaptation of Elmore Leonard's western novel that Tarantino bought the rights to back in 2001. Back in 2007, Tarantino was asked for an update on the project and said, "I've written about, like 20 pages of the adaptation of it. But I might very well do it some time. It's the only thing that I have just kind of held on to, that I can't quite let go. I might do it some time."

The story follows two men - a black man and an Apache - who are sentenced to die in a Yuma prison, but are given a chance at freedom if they can catch the five most dangerous outlaws alive. Think 'Django' meets 'Kill Bill.'

Is it possible that Tarantino shelved the project because he didn't feel like he had the experience of directing a western and now, with 'Django' behind him, he's decided to revisit it? It is very possible, but also equally possible that Quentin inspiration elsewhere and is writing a completely original story.

Either way, we're very excited to have a new Tarantino movie on the way, especially given his recent talk about retiring.