OK, so we already know that Steven Spielberg won't be directing 'Star Wars: Episode 7' and now you can add another director to the list of people who want nothing to do with the upcoming sequels: Quentin Tarantino. The director was asked at an awards function if he was excited about the new trilogy. "I could so care less," says Tarantino. BURN.

Tarantino is a big 'Star Wars' fan and has spoken about his love of the original trilogy in the past. But he's not exactly juiced up for what Disney has in store now that Lucasfilm has sold off the rights telling Entertainment Weekly:

No, sorry. Especially if Disney’s going to do it. I’m not interested in the Simon West version of Star Wars.

Somewhere Simon West (director of 'The Expendables 2' and 'Con Air') is all, "How did I get dragged into this?!"

And while Tarantino got a little sassy, he does bring up a concern amongst a good deal of 'Star Wars' fans. Yes, this is great that we're getting a new trilogy of 'Star Wars' movies to keep the franchise going but will Disney "Disnify" the universe?

To their credit, Disney did release 'John Carter' which, while a box-office bomb, was actually not a terrible movie and a pretty decent sci-fi movie (and not unlike 'Star Wars'). But will their experiences on that film lead to less creative decisions in the 'Star Wars' films? And will Quentin Tarantino and Simon West ever resolve their beef?

Tarantino's next film, 'Django Unchained,' hits theaters this Christmas.