The new trailer for Ready Player One dropped yesterday, which means you’ve had plenty of time to analyze the latest footage from Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of the hit sci-fi novel. Even with multiple viewings, finding all the references and Easter eggs in the pop culture-obsessed blockbuster is almost as difficult as completing James Halliday’s treasure hunt — but we can’t resist a good challenge.

Almost every single frame of the new Ready Player One trailer is littered with pop culture Easter eggs. Warner Bros. managed to secure the rights to some pretty cool properties from video games and movies and so much more — in what reality did you ever think we’d see Chucky from Child’s Play in the same movie as Ninja Turtles and a friggin’ DeLorean? Just trying to comprehend the sheer number of references that might be contained in the final film is enough to make your brain explode.

Finding all the nerdy Easter eggs in this new trailer feels like a trial run, training our puny human brains for the main event. We are still so weak! Thankfully, ScreenCrush video editor Ryan Arey was up to the task. In his latest video, he takes a closer look at all the pop culture references contained within the new Ready Player One trailer, from Wonder Woman to King Kong and everything in between.

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