Ahead of Remember Me's release this week, Capcom and Dontnod Entertainment have released a live action trailer to set up the mysteries and world of the upcoming game.

There's been a lot of promotional support for Remember Me, which is quite interesting for a brand new property releasing at the end of a console cycle and starring a woman protagonist. It's a good thing though, as fresh ideas often need to speak loudly enough to be heard. Fortunately for Remember Me, it's coming out at a time when releases are slim, and should find a nice audience.

The trailer above ties nicely into the online journal of Antoine Cartier-Wells, the man behind the formation of Memorize, the corporation that deals in memories in Remember Me. If you haven't checked it out yet, we highly recommend you do, as it could provide some insight into the game world and the big bads our hero Nilin will be facing off against.

Remember Me is due out June 4, so you better get caught up if you're planning on checking the game out when it releases.