The producers of 'Supernatural' have consistently reminded fans that few deaths can ever be considered permanent within the series, and Jim Beaver's Bobby may just outshine the Winchesters themselves when it comes to returning from the great beyond. Beaver has officially signed on to reprise his role in season 9, but what brings the Winchester mentor down to Earth?

Beaver himself announced the return of his longtime series character Bobby Singer over Twitter, though the actor admitted he'd not yet seen a script to learn how Bobby returns. For fans of the series keeping score, the character had been killed off in the seventh season, returning for a time as a ghost before ultimately deciding to move on to the afterlife. Beaver returned once more in season 8, as Sam and Dean journeyed to Hell to retrieve Bobby's soul, and ultimately allow him to ascend to heaven.

Beaver's announcement comes just days before 'Supernatural' returns to San Diego for its Comic-Con 2013 panel, though the actor isn't scheduled to premiere. Executive producers Jeremy Carver and Robert Singer (the real one) recently previewed the CW drama's ninth year, particularly the expanded role angels would play in the mythology going forward. If indeed Bobby made it up to heaven, might we see the "idjit"-spouting hunter interacting with heaven's new overseer Metatron (Curtis Armstrong), perhaps fighting to return the angels to their proper home?

We'll learn more of 'Supernatural's ninth season in the coming days at Comic-Con, but what say you? Are you glad Bobby will be back for another go with Sam and Dean?

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