Having found critical success with 'Precious' and box office success with 'The Butler,' director Lee Daniels is preparing to use his newfound clout to tackle a story that's been spinning its wheels in Hollywood for quite some time: the life story of controversial comedian Richard Pryor.

The news comes via The Hollywood Reporter, who say that The Weinstein Company are prepared to fully finance and release the film. All that remains now is for Daniels to sign on the dotted line and we expect that he will. Although Daniels remains controversial among film fans and critics, the story of Pryor seems to be right up his alley and it's hard to imagine him turning down a project as high profile as this one.

The big question is who would play Pryor, the foul-mouthed but insightful comic whose often tragic life and brilliant stand-up routines changed the world of comedy forever. THR says that the production has been eyeing Eddie Murphy (who has spoken of his love for Pryor in the past), Damon Wayans and Michael B. Jordan, each of whom make sense for the role in their own way. Wayans was apparently the favorite for some time, but the recent rise of Jordan has propelled the young actor to the top of the list. However, at 26, Jordan may simply be too young for the part and would have to spend much of the movie caked in make-up.

So color us interested in this 'Untitled Richard Pryor Biopic.' The man at the center of the story is certainly worth of the cinematic treatment. We'll just have to wait and see how the rest of the pieces fall together.