It’s not an easy time for Rick and Morty fans. Season 4 remains perilously in limbo, and further away by the minute. And where April Fools last year brought a wonderful surprise for fans, Adult Swim has followed up with a bizarre Australian remake that may or may not be sanctioned by creators.

Late last night saw Adult Swim launching a new Rick and Morty episode (of sorts) from Australian animator Michael Cusack, featuring the two characters re-imagined as Bushworld Adventures. There’s no real continuity with the series – nor does Justin Roiland voice any of the main characters – and the storyline is bizarre, even by Rick and Morty standards. As UPROXX also points out, neither Roiland nor co-creator Dan Harmon have commented on the video since its premiere. Watch the short in its entirety below:

It was exactly one year ago that Adult Swim stealthily premiered the first episode of Season 3, to the delight of fans who had waited since October 2015 for new episodes. Some had perhaps hoped April Fools 2018 might similarly bring about some update on the series, though both creators Roiland and Harmon have pointed out that “contract negotiations” with parent company Turner are preventing work. It was back in January that writer Ryan Ridley projected a late 2019 premiere at the earliest, which could be even longer now.

Either way, it seems Adult Swim may continue releasing Rick and Morty-adjacent shorts during the long wait for Season 4, so stay tuned for news.

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