We’re going to be pretty desperate for new Rick and Morty until at least late 2019, so Adult Swim has thankfully provided some relief. Our favorite cosmic adventurers do their best Men in Black for a new Adult Swim music video from Run the Jewels.

The three and a half-minute “Oh Mama” music video doesn’t actually feature creator Justin Roiland’s voice as either title character, but Rick and Morty nonetheless share a new alien-blasting adventure. Morty brazenly slaughtering countless aliens does give one pause, but there may or may not be a good explanation at the end. The video is directed by Rick and Morty veteran Juan Meza-León and is intended to promote the Adult Swim Festival taking place in Los Angeles, on October 6-7. Run the Jewels will headline the event as well.

Last we heard, co-creator Dan Harmon was hoping to up Season 4’s episode order from ten to fourteen, though the lack of any official renewal has writers speculating the series may not return until late 2019. At the very least, 2018 is set to bring us a series of Oni Press one-shot comics with some fan-favorite characters, while McDonald’s is enjoying another bout of Szechuan sauce promotion.

We’ll hopefully have more official news before long, so stay tuned.

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