Regardless of your feeling on Sunday’s Game of Thrones finale, Rick and Morty kept the fire burning with an Adult Swim jab at the show’s writing. Bosses have since come forth to distance themselves from the network bumper, and co-creator Dan Harmon now claims the bit was “tragically tacky.”

It was immediately after Rick and Morty’s Sunday airing of “Rest and Ricklaxation” that a network bumper eulogized the writing on Game of Thrones from 2011-2016; a clear potshot at mixed reception to the seventh season. The next day saw Rick and Morty’s Twitter account and co-creator Justin Roiland insisting they had nothing to do with the brief bumper, though co-creator Harmon remained silent as part of a self-imposed social media hiatus.

That is, of course, until Wednesday, during which the former Community boss posted a note to instagram that “some pointlessly jaded teenage intern in Atlanta” probably wrote the “lazy, craftless jab,” and his own response likely means little in the face of Houston’s ongoing struggle:

People keep asking me about that tragically tacky card Adult Swim aired after Rick and Morty that insulted the writing on Game of Thrones so I keep thinking I should say something but I keep waiting for the time I’d need to write something worth saying because rule number one in talking s— is you better talk way better s— than the s— you’re talking about but then I remember the truly frustrating thing about that card is that it breaks that rule, being a lazy, craftless jab at the WRITING on my favorite show that some pointlessly jaded teenage intern in Atlanta just left like a fart in my show’s space so why wait for the muse to strike before disavowing them but then I figure I’m a hypocrite to judge anyone’s tone deaf overstepping especially in an instagram about an affront to some TV writing code while entire cities fight for their lives so I’ll leave it at hey man, wasn’t me, I just work on Rick and Morty and love the Thrones, sorry if that anonymous unearned snark bummed you out but I’m the one that has to spend the next TV Guide Showrunner’s Dinner checking his vodka for Essence of Nightshade

It’s doubtful Game of Thrones‘ writers will make much of the slight regardless, but will two of our favorite Sunday shows remain at war? Like the great conflicts of Westeros, was all this madness built on teenage immaturity?

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