We’ve barely scratched the surface of when Rick and Morty Season 4 might happen, but 2018 has at least something to tide over fans. Some of Season 3’s most memorable additions will headline their very own one-shot comics, including a new version of the Avengers-esque “Vindicators,” and possibly even the infamous Pickle Rick.

Oni Press confirmed a new series of one-shot comics for the fan-favorite cartoon, the first of which will debut on March 7, 2018. First and foremost among the forty-page one-shots is Rick and Morty Presents: The Vindicators, which picks up with a new iteration of the dysfunctional superhero team introduced in Season 3. Oddly enough, the team seems to be a mix of younger versions of the characters we met, along with Season 1’s “Scary Terry,” Summer’s imaginary friend “Tinkles,” and what appears to be the “Pickle Rick” that dominated Season 3 marketing:

Here’s a synopsis for the Vindicators comic, which features writing from J. Torres, joined by artist CJ Cannon and colorist Nick Filardi (h/t Geek):

In Rick and Morty Presents: The Vindicators! J. Torres will focus on the superhero team as they travel through time. They seek to develop a team when the heroes make a terrible mistake and create a villain. Oops… The comic promises to have you will ‘gasp in shock and awe as the plot twists and previously irrelevant characters revive the dead’ and ‘frown in frustration as you forget the complicated backstory of suddenly important mythic items.’

Other comics over the course of 2018 will include a one-shot based on Krombopulos Michael in June, Sleepy Gary in September, and an issue featuring Pickle Rick and Jaguar (voiced on the series by Danny Trejo) in November. In the meantime, stay tuned for any and all news on Season 4.

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