Now that 'Twilight' is over, what's Robert Pattinson to do? It looks like his game plan is to be taken seriously as an actor, as he's been working with David Cronenberg, and is now set to star in 'Life' for Anton Corbijn, alongside 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' star Dane DeHaan.

The film, according to The Hollywood Reporter, is about Life Magazine photographer Dennis Stock (to be played by Pattinson) and his relationship with James Dean (DeHaan), as he travels from New York to Los Angeles to Indiana where Dean will get his breakthrough role in 1955's 'East of Eden.' Considering all the rumors about Dean's sexuality, it's possible the two will have a love scene.

Pattinson has recently worked with Cronenberg twice, and is set to make a movie with Werner Herzog, so it's evident that he's trying to shake his time as Edward Cullen, and Anton Corbijn fits this pattern as he's another successful art film director. Corbijn was a music video director who made the leap to the big screen with the Joy Division/Ian Curtis bio-pic 'Control' and more recently helmed 'The American' with George Clooney.

But, as others have noted, this project has already created a trivia question moment in that DeHaan will be playing James Dean, and the last major actor to do so was James Franco. DeHaan is also playing Harry Osbourne, so this would be the second time he's slipped into Franco's shoes.

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